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The City of Irvine is hosting a tennis conference featuring leading coaches and teachers from the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) at the Bill Barber Community Park Tennis Center on Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2.


Speakers include:   

        Meg Broccolo (OC Breakers, World Team Tennis Professional League)

        Chuck Brymer (USPTA, Director of The Tennis Club at Woodbridge)

        Trasi Handel (Disability Services Program Coordinator – City of Irvine)

        Don Henson (USPTA Master Professional / PTR National Tester)   

        Randy Houston (USPTA, Head Tennis Professional at Indian Wells Tennis Gardens)

        Chris Lewis (Former Wimbledon Runner-up, Director of Player Development at        

                            Woodbridge Tennis Academy)   

        Victor Ranches (City of Irvine Tennis Program   

        Steve Riggs (PTR, Director of Tennis - City of Irvine)   

        Karen Ronney (PTR, USPTA, Author of Proud Parents' Guide to Raising Athletic, Balanced and                                 Coordinated Kids, A Lifetime of Benefit in Just 10 Minutes a Day)                   

        Chris Watase (Gamma) 


Fee Options:   

        One Day - $45   

        Two Days - $75

Spouse Fees   

        One Day - $25   

        Two Days - $35


Registration Options


Check back soon for hotel information.